Pit Stop

Supporting the future drivers of a sustainable society
After Sustain 2017 all participants who register their ideas and concepts developed during or after the ideation sessions have the opportunity to join four pitstops within the next year.

A Sustain Pit stop will be your place to drive in and check the quality of your project, partnerships or ask for help. We will provide you with our tools and connections to ensure that you and your project team keep driving in a sustainable direction. 

It means that you and your team are the drivers of your project but during the pitstops, we will assist you giving you feedback, strategic tools and matching you with relevant partners.

The Sustain Pitstops in 2018 are being planned and dates will be announced later.

The Pitstops will be open also to Sustain 2017 participants that wish to register their ideas and project concepts after the conference.

Get updates on Sustain Pit stops connecting with Sustain Conference on LinkedIn and/or by liking and following us on Sustain's Facebook page. You are also always welcome to write to us at sustain@dtu.dk

We look forward to assisting you on your journey towards the creation of technologies for a sustainable society!