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Society is challenged in numerous ways to become more sustainable, and a wide range of new technical solutions are urgently needed to establish reliable ways forward. Engineers, scientists and industry are called upon to help solve these critical issues. The Sustain conference is on a mission to inspire and facilitate the creation of new technical and scientific solutions to create a more sustainable society. The Sustain Conference at DTU has a vision to be the yearly meeting place in Denmark for researchers and industry to develop and implement sustainable solutions.

The Sustain-ATV joint conference at DTU 2016

In the afternoon of the conference, the joint Sustain-ATV sessions will have extra emphasis on the possibilities in the new UN World goals for Danish knowledge and technology

September 2015 saw the adoption at the UN General Assembly of global goals for a sustainable development towards 2030. The new goals address the most important economic, social and environmental challenges that the world faces and set targets to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all as part of a new sustainable development agenda. The 17 goals and the underlying targets have been developed in a process involving governments, private sector and international organizations.

Industry has played a strong role in the development of the goals, and there is a clear understanding that industry must be an important in achieving them. Sustainability must become a central part of the agenda of the private sector, and innovation must have the sustainability of technology as a dominating target. This presents unique possibilities for Danish technology and Danish industry with its long experience in considering both environmental and social sustainability in the products and services.

Many actors wish to contribute to the process towards meeting the new goals and important questions that will be addressed by the ATV sustainability sessions are: 

  • What does it mean that a technology is sustainable?
  • How can Danish companies, universities and technologies contribute to reach the goals?
  • How does the business case look and how do we ensure that politics and regulation support the innovation towards sustainability? 

The aim of the yearly Sustain Conference at DTU is to give you

  • A forum to present your on-going activities and ideas supporting the development of a sustainable society.
  • Overview of all the activities in Denmark and abroad - and a meeting place where you likely will find new collaborators.
  • Learn about how to assess if a technology is sustainable - claiming something is green is easy, but being able to document the expected impact is becoming increasingly important.
  • Get inspiration and find partners for new research and educational initiatives, as well as student projects testing out the ideas for the future research.
  • Get an update on funding possibilities and support to create new research projects and apply for funding. Sustainability is the overarching goal of Horizon2020, and can also be said be the overall paradigm for Forsk2020 and will be guiding research funding for years to come


 Date Participants   Abstracts Sessions and workshops Notes 
17. Dec. 
230  130  
17. Dec.  
340  210  18 About half the 2014 participants joined the conference again in 2015 with 200 new participants
30. Nov.
230 130 14  Sustain 2016 is a joint event with The Danish Academy for the Technical Sciences, www.atv.dk
6. Dec. 

Book of abstracts 2014

Book of abstracts 2015

Book of abstracts 2016


Each year the conference is organized by an Organizing committee that gathers the plenum speakers, session committees and settles the overall plan and session structure. 

Please contact the organizers with any suggestions or questions you may have on the main email: sustain@dtu.dk

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