Education in Sustainability

DTU offers a wide range of courses and events for competence development in sustainability. This page provides an overview.

For researchers

Sustain DTU offers workshops to aid in the development of reseachers competences in sustainability.


At DTU there are also other related events:

For PhD Students

As a Ph.D. Student you can also follow a variety of courses at DTU on the subject. The Course Base provides an overview.

Opportunities for research projects

Several courses invite cases from ongoing research to be part of the course work in student projects. The following are open for this - and please contact us if your course should be on the list!


Involving students in research projects:

The yearly students conference Grøn Dyst / Green Challenge provides a platform for student projects and course students to present their work in green technology and win a series of prizes. The work is evaluated by committees with both politicians and industry representatives.

You can advertise student projects in the DTU Project Database.

For DTU Students

The course base contains a wide variety of courses related to sustainability.

And your BSc, MSc and many course projects can be your ticket to join Grøn Dyst / Green Challenge .

Several Blue Dot Projects are also developing sustainable technologies.