Personal Natural Capital Accounting

Guiding your path to a sustainable lifestyle

Natural Capital Accounting is a method to assess environmental impact in monetary value in order to be able to compare the many different types of impacts and guide decisions on how to most efficiently make a process or product more environmentally sustainable.

We are developing a personal natural capital accounting method to provide you as a consumer guidance on how to most easily and efficiently reduce your environmental impact.

You can try the online version currently being developed on this page. This online version is very much work in progress and we must emphasize the calculation method, the background data and the calculator software itself are all under development, so feel free to try it out, but be aware of it being under development and in the process of validation!

The method is currently being refined and tested with a number of families and we are working on creating an online system where everyone can get their personal natural capital account and get advice on the most efficient path to a sustainable lifestyle.

The monetary value of an environmental impact is of course very difficult to assess and depends on many assumptions. The calculation methods are under development to better include as many impact categories as possbile and hence the calculations indicative and should never be considered a real cost.

The system is being created by

  • Tor Alexander Elmelund
  • Jens Sørensen
  • Stig Irving Olsen
  • Kristian Mølhave

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