Sustain DTU 2014

The Sustain Conference 2014 had
230 participants
All DTU departments present
~130 Abstracts
4 Workshops
5 Parallel Scientific Tracks


Society is challenged in many ways to become more sustainable, and a wide range of new technical solutions are necessary to create new ways forward. Engineers are called upon to help solve a series of these urgent needs. DTUs mission is create new technical and scientific solutions to society, and hence to help creating solving these urgent needs.

The aim of the conference is to give you
  • A forum to present your on-going research activities and ideas supporting the development of a sustainable society.
  • Overview of all the activities at DTU and a meeting place where you likely will find new collaborators.
  • Guides and information on assessing sustainable technologies - claiming something is green is easy, but being able to document the expected impact is becoming increasingly important.
  • Inspiration and colleagues to create new research and educational initiatives, as well as student projects testing out the ideas for the future research.
  • An update on funding possibilities and support to create new research projects and apply for funding. Sustainability is the overarching goal of Horizon2020, and can also be said be the overall paradigm for Forsk2020 and will be guiding research funding for years to come

Conference Plan, Tracks & Workshops

The conference starts with a plenum session with 4 invited plenum speakers and is then divided into parallel tracks with poster and talk sessions in addition to shorter workshops:

Conference tracks

1. Sustainable Quality of life - Health, well being and demographic change
As the population increases in both number, wealth and age, it becomes ever more challenging to ensure peoples wellbeing and health with increasing efficiency and reduced environmental impact. This track covers medical technology and other solutions to ensure a long life of high quality in the future.
2. Sustainable Bio & Food Resources - Food supply & security, agri- and aquaculture
Supplying the worlds population with food is the most resource consuming human activity. Ensuring that agri- and aquaculture remains withing the carrying capacity of the ecosystem, and at the same time that our food supply is stable, affordable and secure is the topic of this track.

3. Sustainable Energy & Transportation - Secure, clean and efficient
The way we provide power for our activities has a huge climate impact and major contribution to our footprint. This track covers the numerous technologies and scenarios that are explored for the future power supply and energy storage, which is often linked in with transportation of people and goods.

4. Sustainable Production and Materials - Resource efficiency & recycling
Production technology utilizes materials and has a major environmental impact. Sustainable technology requires careful consideration of performance in a wider perspective, including the environmental impact and how to reduce this by efficient use of resources and recycling. On this background this track covers novel materials, production methods and efficiency improving technologies.

5. Competence Development in Sustainability - Innovation, entrepeneurship and education
Developing sustainable technologies and usage of resources requires continuous update of scientists and engineers to the latest knowledge in this complex field to ensure the best solutions. Innovation and entrepreneurship now require additional considerations of environmental impacts. Similarly the education of the future engineers and scientists must include these aspects. This track deals with how competences in sustainable development can be improved.

The conference will include welcome coffee/tea, a lunch and afternoon coffee/tea and a final social event sponsored by DTU's Grøn Dyst / Green Challenge with DTU's Bryghus/Brewery.

In addition we invite all cross-department initiatives such as centres, clusters, and networks to contribute with smaller  workshops. See the full program


We are fully booked and a waiting list sign-up.

Please follow this link to register on the waiting list.

The Participation is free for DTU employees and everyone involved in research are invited to join.

The abstract template can be downloaded from this link and via the link in the confirmation email for participation.

Book of abstracts

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Organizing Committee and Host

The conference is hosted by The Office for Research and Relations.

Please contact the organizing committee with any suggestions or questions you may have.

Kristian Mølhave
(Assoc. Prof.)
mobile 25126672 

Jane Hvolbæk Nielsen
(Dept. Dir)

Michael Zwicky Hauschild
Anders Baun
Stig Irving Olsen
(Assoc. Prof.) 

Steffen Foss Hansen
(Assoc. Prof.)