Sustain DTU Conference

Sustain Conference 2017

Date: 2017 Wednesday 6. Dec.
Hosted by DTU in Building 101 in Glassalen, Oticon, and the Meeting Center
Call for session open - contact the organizers with suggestions!


Aim of the Sustain 2017 conference Wednesday 6. Dec.

Society is challenged in many ways to become sustainable, and a wide range of novel technical solutions are necessary to create new ways forward. This conference is a meeting place for researchers and industry to share knowledge and find new solutions to these urgent needs.  

Sustain Conference 2017


The mission of the yearly recurring Sustain conference at DTU is to facilitate the creation of new technical and scientific solutions for a sustainable society. The conference aims at becoming the yearly meeting place for sustainable R&D in Denmark  Please contact the organizers if you have ideas or requests for the coming Sustain conference 2017

Program and Registration

The overall session program will be online one week into October and registration will open shortly after.

Overview of the Sustain Sessions 2017 under development:

  • A: Maritime Environment
  • B: Bioeconomy (sector development)
  • C: Catalysis (awaiting confirmation)
  • D: Drones
  • E: Sustainable Energy
  • F: Food Resources
  • G: Green Innovation and Entrepreneurship  (awaiting confirmation)
  • H: The future of Healthcare(awaiting confirmation)
  • K: Improving Buildings - Climate KIC session
  • L: Smart Liveable Cities 
  • M: Materials
  • N: Environmental sustainability and circular economy (awaiting confirmation)
  • P: Polymers
  • R: Biorefining  
  • S: Smart cities in smart societies (awaiting confirmation)
  • U: Sustainability in a Chemical World 
  • W: Water (sector development )

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Sustain conference 2015
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